UPnP/AV Device Capability Database

Welcome to the UPnP/AV Device Capability Database!

This project is part of my diploma thesis which is written at the institute for Pervasive Computing in Linz / Austria.

For further information about the institute please check the contacts page or follow the link to the institute's homepage on the left side.

The aim is to provide an overview of the capabilities of UPnP AV devices. This data is collected from you and every other user interested in contributing.

This should be accomplished by providing an easy to use Java tool which scans and queries your UPnP devices.
You can then submit this data to our server which makes the collected information available here.

The collected data should help developers, customers and everybody else who's interested finding out about the capabilities of different devices

Just take a look at the database and if you have access to any UPnP/AV devices, grab our tool and contribute to the project.

Update September 19th, 2009

Hi all!
Please download the latest version of the Magpie tool as there have been several bug-fixes and improvements. The old version will not work anymore!

Thank you very much to all who have sent ideas for improvements and suggestions!